Bone Expert


I - General Appearance of the Lesion

1- Border: Click the image to enlarge
Well Defined Ill Defined ildfinos.gif (2530 bytes)



Ill Defined / Well Defined
2- Margin: Click the image to enlarge
Sclerotic Non Sclerotic inosscl.gif (3458 bytes)
Non Sclerotic / Sclerotic
3- Multiplicity: Click the image to enlarge
Solitary Multiple single.gif (2805 bytes)
Solitary / Multiple
4- Epicenter: Click the image to enlarge
Extraosseous Intraosseous osseous.gif (2482 bytes)


Extraosseous / Intraosseous
5- Bony Expansion: Click the image to enlarge
Concentric Eccentric None conexpan.gif (2286 bytes)
Concentric / Eccentric
6- Additional Features - Check All that Apply: Click the image to enlarge
Endosteal Scalloping (Thinning of Cortex)        
Articular Lesion (Arising from Joint)
Crossing Joint
Beveled Edge (Double Contour)
Cortical Erosion
Lesion is Close to Articular Surface
beveled.gif (1450 bytes)

cortical.gif (2610 bytes)

Beveled Edge/Cortical Erosion/ Endosteal Scalloping

II - Region of Bone Mainly Involved

7- Identify the region of the bone mainly involved:                                                                                                     

Select from the List:

                    Click the image to enlarge

                     meta.gif (2997 bytes)



III - State of Periosteal Reaction

8-Specify the state of the periosteal reaction:

Select from the List:


                codman.gif (2174 bytes)                periost.gif (1730 bytes)

                       Codman's Triangle                               Periosteal Reaction

                                            Click the image to enlarge

IV- Radiographic Tumor Matrix

9- Categorize the radiographic density of the matrix:

Select from the List:


                clear.gif (1531 bytes)            calci.gif (2961 bytes)            mottled.gif (2412 bytes)

                    Clear Matrix                                Matrix with Calcification                Mottled Matrix

                bony.gif (2141 bytes)            trabu.gif (2596 bytes)            bubbly.gif (2304 bytes)

                    Bony Matrix                                Trabeculated Matrix                        Bubbly Matrix

                                           Click the image to enlarge

10- Specify the size of the tissue mass:

None Small Large

11- Additional Features-Check All that Apply:
Destruction of Disc Space
Central Lucency Amidst Sclerosis

V - Skeletal Location

12-Specify the location of the lesion:

Select from the List:

VI - Age/Sex-Clinical Information

13- Sex:

Male Female

14- Age Category:

Select from the List:

15- Other Features-Check All that Apply:
Patient Has Renal Failure
There is a Point Tenderness or Pain
Known Underlying Malignancy
Evidence of Paget's Disease

VII - Relative Likelihood

16- Select the relative likelihood level:

All Possibilities
Intermediate List
Short List


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